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Bloomington Theatre and Art Center

Bloomington, Minnesota





The South Loop is located in Bloomington, Minnesota's a first ring suburb of Minneapolis and St. Paul's and has a unique combination of assets and significant redevelopment potential. Photo courtesy of the City of Bloomington, MN.

The NEA grant will support Terra Nova: Artful Development of Bloomington's South Loop. The project will comprise the development of a public art plan and the commission, promotion, and evaluation of pilot public art projects and installations by artists of regional and national significance. The South Loop is a 2,300-acre district adjacent to the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, and is home to the Mall of America, the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge, 13 hotels, 4 light rail transit stations, a residential neighborhood, and nearly 900 developable acres. By engaging artists and arts organizations in shaping the day-to-day experience of this highly visible suburban district, Bloomington Theatre and Art Center and the City of Bloomington will transform the South Loop into a distinctive place for the 4,800 residents, 44,800 employees, and 60,000 daily visitors projected by 2030.