Our Town

City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs

Los Angeles, California




Street with cars in a warehouse district. A large mural of a man's eyes painted on one structure.

Traction Avenue in the art district of downtown Los Angeles, future home to affordable housing units for artists. Photo by Wakim Muklashy.

The NEA grant will support an awareness program that promotes affordable housing opportunities to artists and the broader creative community in Los Angeles. Funded activities will include the creation and distribution of resource materials that educate artists and real estate developers on the application and qualifications process for low-income housing for artists.

The program will be overseen by the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs in cooperation with the Los Angeles Housing Department. The Actors Fund and Artspace Projects, Inc., will hold training seminars, create a program website, and develop a sustainable and replicable strategy for affordable artist housing that can be used as a model by other municipalities and districts. The program will benefit working artists whose income falls below 50 percent of the area's median income.