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City of Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis, Minnesota




Photo of a highway with buildings in the distance.

The site for the project is Olson Memorial Highway as it crosses Interstate 94. This major urban intersection offers an excellent view of downtown Minneapolis. Photo by Jerry Mathiason.

The NEA grant will support the John Biggers Seed Project, a public art and collaborative design effort that reflects the history of Minneapolis' North Side neighborhood and the legacy of artist John Biggers. African American artists will work with emerging artists to develop the design, build an enamel kiln, and create panels for an artwork. Through the process, the emerging artists will gain transferable skills and knowledge about African American art history, public art, career development, local arts organizations, and community engagement.

The City of Minneapolis Art In Public Places program will work with two local arts organizations, Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center and Obsidian Arts, to lead the project. Sited at the prominent intersection of Olson Memorial Highway and Interstate I-94, a major Minneapolis gateway, the artwork will be seen by an anticipated 140,000 people daily in an area of the city with the largest number of vacant homes and foreclosed properties.