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The proposed site for Salisbury Centerpiece. Photo by Lynn Raker

The proposed site for Salisbury Centerpiece. Photo by Lynn Raker

The NEA grant will support master planning for Salisbury Centerpiece, a new multi-use cultural plaza in downtown Salisbury. Project activities will include a series of facilitated public input sessions, individual and group interviews, and a design charrette with teams of architects, landscape architects, visual and performing artists, and local business professionals. The site, currently a one-acre parking lot fronting the Historic Salisbury Railway Station, is central to the Salisbury History and Art Trail and is expected to serve as an anchor for the redevelopment of the emerging Railroad Arts District.

Once completed, the Centerpiece will host rotating sculpture exhibits, weekend art shows and improvisational theater, community concerts, and other cultural gatherings. Project partners include the City of Salisbury, Rowan Arts Council, Salisbury Public Art Committee, Downtown Salisbury, Inc., Lee Street Theatre, Rowan County Tourism Development Authority, and Rowan Investment Company, Inc. Salisbury's entire population of 33,662, which is 49 percent White, 38 percent African American, and 13 percent Latino, is expected to benefit from the project.