Our Town

East Somerville Main Streets

East Somerville, Massachusetts




Dancers in a parade.

A parade in East Somerville celebrates Carnival. Photo by Patrick Rodgers.

The NEA grant will support Storytellers as Placemakers, a project to share the story of East Somerville via artist-led workshops, temporary public art installations, and storytelling performances. Isolated from the rest of the city by construction of Interstate 93 in the 1970s, the East Somerville neighborhood is home to a large immigrant population and is undergoing rapid transformation with a newly built park and streetscape improvements. East Somerville Main Street, Somerville Arts Council, and Mudflat Pottery School will work with community members and artists to tell the neighborhood's unique history and to celebrate its future. Activities will engage and target the 10,000 East Somerville residents, where 48 percent of the population is foreign-born