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Handmade in America (Asheville, NC)

Columbus, North Carolina




Photo of the facade of building.

Handmade in America Small Town, Columbus, NC. Polk County Courthouse, photographed May 2013. Photo Courtesy of HandMade in America

The NEA grant will support creative asset mapping and the development of community-wide strategies for arts-based renewal in Columbus, North Carolina. The project builds on Handmade in America's (HIA) Small Towns Revitalization program, which contributes to the economic vitality of Western North Carolina by building on the region's rich heritage of craft to inspire individuals and strengthen communities. HIA, the Columbus Town Council, local artists, artisans, and crafters will collaborate to conceive, launch, and complete a series of revitalization projects uniquely tailored to the cultural and natural resources of Columbus. Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Columbus is 1.8 square miles in size and has 999 residents.