Our Town

Alaska Arts Southeast, Inc. (aka Sitka Fine Arts Camp)

Sitka, Alaska



The NEA grant will support Festival of Arts and Sciences in Sitka, Alaska. The festival will bring together artists and scientists with local experts to participate in collaborative residencies and to host workshops, performances, demonstrations, and presentations on the former Sheldon Jackson College campus. The collaboration between artists and scientists will stimulate creativity, activate the campus with arts activities, and connect the broader continent to the unique Alaskan perspective. Native Alaskan artists and artists from across the nation will participate in the festival and reside on the campus during August. Partners will include Alaska Arts Southeast, City and Borough of Sitka, Sitka Convention and Visitors Bureau, Sitka Sound Science Center, Island Institute, and Alaska State Museum. Sitka is a community of 8,900 residents on an island in southeast Alaska reached only by plane or boat; it receives more than 20,000 visitors annually due to cruises and seasonal tourism.