Our Town

Arts Council of New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana



<p>The NEA grant will support Youth Solutions, an initiative that engages artists and local youth to improve New Orleans neighborhoods with arts and design activities. Artists and designers will teach design skills to local teenagers, who will collaborate on community projects that will improve places damaged by Hurricane Katrina. Beginning with the neighborhood of Treme, the Arts Council of New Orleans, the Mayor&#39;s Office of Cultural Economy, the New Orleans Department of Public Health, and Tulane City Center will partner on Youth Solutions, encouraging local teens to be creative catalysts for positive neighborhood change. This project harnesses an underutilized work force of artists and youth&#39;s expertise of the neighborhoods in which they live. As many as 60 young participants will be directly involved in the project, and all projects will be accessible to residents and visitors to Treme, a neighborhood of 4,155 residents, 75% of whom are African-American.</p>