Our Town

Blue Grass Community Foundation

Lexington, Kentucky



<p>The NEA grant will support the development of a community informed cultural plan and public art for the North Limestone Corridor. Design firm Lord, Aeck, Sargent will work with a local advisory panel to oversee stakeholder input and public review that will result in a two-part master plan, an Arts and Culture Access Plan, and a Public Art and Space Plan. The public will provide input on artist selection for as many as three specific art installations, serving as a template for future public art projects. Blue Grass Community Foundation and the Lexington Fayette County Urban Government will work with the North Limestone Community Development Corporation, LexArts, the North Limestone Neighborhood Association, and the University of Kentucky&#39;s Department of Community Leadership and Development to develop community outreach plans and to help facilitate the planning process. The population of the predominantly low-income North Limestone neighborhood is 21,600.</p>