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City of Phoenix, Arizona (aka Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture)

Phoenix, Arizona



<p>The NEA grant will support Story Days, a two-year series of story-based arts programming events that explore the connections of Phoenix residents to their communities. The program will merge community voices with those of writers, beginning with performances and readings by artists of the spoken word, including Arizona Poet Laureate Alberto Rios and Phonetic Spit. These events will be followed by a year-long series of writer-led community workshops that culminate in presentations of the new works at local parks, libraries, and other highly visible community spaces. Primary project partners, the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture and Friendly House (a portal for immigrants to Phoenix for more than 90 years), will collaborate closely with Arizona State University&#39;s Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts and other arts and community partners. The program&#39;s primary focus is on Center City South, home to two historic neighborhoods of public housing, where a population that is predominantly Latino and African-American resides. Center City South is roughly a mile from downtown Phoenix and has 5,280 residents.</p>