Our Town

EastSide Arts Alliance

Oakland, California



<p>The NEA grant will support the creation of cultural plazas along International Boulevard in Oakland. The sites for cultural plazas are blighted lots that will be transformed into staging areas for a variety of community projects, festivals, celebrations, concerts, public art, theater, video screenings, and arts markets. Corresponding with catalyst sites identified in the Transit Orientated Development Plan for the new bus rapid transit line, the plazas will become animated with arts activities spearheaded by local artists and area organizations. EastSide Arts Alliance, City of Oakland, California Endowment, Allen Temple Baptist Church, Freemont High School, East Oakland Youth Development Center, and other local organizations will partner to support arts activities in the plazas that celebrate the cultural diversity and rich traditions of Oakland residents. The east Oakland neighborhoods served by this project are among the most diverse in the nation, with a majority of Asian, Latino, and African-American residents. The population of Oakland is 390,724.</p>