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Evergreen State College (2)

Olympia, Washington



The NEA grant will support the project Reawakening Ancestral Arts and Inspiring Indigenous Innovation in the South Salish Sea region in Washington State. The project will develop indigenous artist residencies, curate exhibitions, host performances, produce collaborative public art, dedicate art in new art spaces, and create publications and media commemorating this work. The lead partner is the Evergreen Longhouse, a nonprofit organization committed to promoting indigenous arts and cultures through education, cultural preservation, creative expression and economic development, and the Squaxin Island Tribe, a Coast Salish community that includes many cultural practitioners and artists located at the southern tip of the Salish SeaPuget Sound. This project will capitalize on related work, including the 20th annual gathering of the Northwest Native American Basketweavers Association, the opening of the Longhouse's fiber arts studio, and Longhouse's Gathering of Indigenous Visual Artists of the Pacific Rim. The project audience is primarily Coast Salish artists from the Squaxin Island Tribe (population approximately 1,500) and the South Salish Sea region, but also will include indigenous artists from the Plateau, Plains, Great Lakes, Southwest, Eastern Woodlands, Hawaii, and New Zealand.