Our Town

Hudson River Museum of Westchester

Yonkers, New York



The NEA grant will support the creation of public art pieces as part of the Sound and Light: Celebrating Yonkers' Historic Rivers festival. Focused on the Van Der Donck Daylighting Park and Hudson River Walk in historic downtown Yonkers, the festival will include a major sound installation and separate lighting installation, plans for which will be developed by a series of community meetings. The museum also will recruit artists to lead public workshops and performances, offer training to artists on how to engage the public in their work, and include a series of post-event evaluations to determine successes and areas for improvement. The museum will partner with the City of Yonkers and Groundwork Hudson Valley, and will work with light artist Erwin Redl and sound artist John Morton as well as with numerous local arts and community groups. The new, annual event will engage a diverse group of Yonkers residents in a variety of high-quality, interactive arts experiences through the community meetings, workshops, and performances, as well as the resulting art installations. Yonkers has a population of almost 200,000 people.