Our Town

Morgan Arts Council, Inc.

Berkeley Springs, West Virginia



The NEA grant will support arts programming at the Digital Media Center for Public Engagement. The newly-established media center will provide training to area residents on citizen journalism and media arts, with a focus on teaching skills in videography, lighting, reporting, scripting, acting, and directing. Program participants will develop new skills by creating, sourcing, and implementing local media programming on arts and culture for distribution via the new public/education/government television channel. Content created at the center will be used to highlight cultural happenings, to attract tourists, and to foster a strong sense of pride for residents. Project partners include Morgan Arts Council, Morgan County Commission, Economic Development Authority, Morgan County School System, Blue Ridge Technical Community College, and Travel Berkeley Springs. As many as 20 adults and 40 youth will receive media arts training and the content developed by program participants will reach nearly 5,000 residents via the new local television channel and online platforms.