Our Town

Passage Theatre Company, Inc.

Trenton, New Jersey



<p>The NEA grant will support the development of a cultural district plan for Trenton&#39;s first arts and cultural district, the Old Trenton Arts District. The resident and stakeholder driven plan will be informed by creative asset mapping, demographic information, existing redevelopment efforts, community meetings, focus groups with artists and arts organizations, and research on precedent cultural district planning projects. The local neighborhood community development organization Isles, Inc., will facilitate and oversee the community cultural planning and the development and implementation of a community outreach strategy. Throughout the project, Passage Theatre Company will offer arts events in the district directly linked to the planning efforts. Other planning partners include the City of Trenton, SAGE Coalition, Trenton Downtown Association, the College of New Jersey, and CityWorks. The Old Trenton Neighborhood has 1,100 residents, where 30% of households earn less than half the federal poverty level.</p>