Our Town

Power House Productions

Hamtramck, Michigan



<p>The NEA grant will support Carpenter Exchange. The project is a multicultural initiative that will activate the Hamtramck/Detroit border with festivals, performances, creative economic ventures, and storytelling programs. A free outdoor summer series and a festival will emphasize the Carpenter Street corridor, a key gateway to both cities, while public workshops, micro radio broadcasts, and an education-based documentary project for young women will help the community to tell its story. The creative economic ventures will include year-long artist entrepreneurial residences and a bazaar for local vendors, craftspeople, and farmers to bring their wares to the community. Power House Productions and the City of Hamtramck will work with The Hinterlands, Popps Packing, Carrie Morris Arts Production, The Work Department, and the Bangla School of Music. Hamtramck is a city geographically surrounded by the city of Detroit and has a low-income, recent immigrant neighborhood of roughly 10,000 residents.</p>