FY 2010 NEA Distinguished New Play Development Project Grants

About Face Theatre (Chicago, IL) 
The Albert Cashier Project by Tanya Saracho

To support the development of The Albert Cashier Project, a new play by Tanya Saracho that portrays an Illinois woman and Irish immigrant who enlisted as a man in the Civil war and who returned home where he chose to live the rest of his days as a man. The play will include local history and explore the intersections of American culture, gender, and our notions of identity. 

Children's Theatre Company (Minneapolis, MN)
Fancy Dancer by Larissa FastHorse

To support the commission and development of Fancy Dancer, a new play by Lakota writer Larissa FastHorse. The play will be an autobiographical piece about the playwright's career as a Native artist participating in the European art form of the ballet.

Cornerstone Theater Company (Los Angeles, CA)
West Hollywood Musical by Tom Jacobson

To support the development of West Hollywood Musical, an artistic collaboration between Cornerstone Theater Company, the City of West Hollywood, and book writer Tom Jacobson. Cornerstone artists and manager of community partnerships will collaborate with West Hollywood community members to create a musical that explores the "scene and the unseen" communities that exist in a vibrant and complex city.

McCarter Theatre Center (Princeton, NJ)
Hoodwinked by Emily Mann

To support the development of Emily Mann's documentary play, Hoodwinked, based on the story of Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan, the psychiatrist who opened fire on his fellow officers and staff at Fort Hood on November 5, 2009. The play will be structured around the trial of Hasan which will serve as a lens through which to view the larger questions of religion, politics, sociology, and psychology.

Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company (Washington, DC)
Zimbabwe Project by Danai Gurira

To support the development of the third play of Danai Gurira's "Zimbabwe Trilogy," which journeys through the past 100 years of her beloved homeland, from a feminist perspective. This final installment has the working title The Zimbabwe Project.