National Endowment for the Arts Cheers on States in their Facebook Challenge

CA, AZ, and DC face off on Facebook for the first to reach 10,000

Washington, DC -- Game on! State arts agencies across the country are becoming increasingly sophisticated and active in their use of social media to connect with their constituents. Until recently, the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities (DCCAH) claimed to have the largest group of Facebook friends of any of the state arts agencies.

However, the DCCAH's status was resoundingly challenged when the California Arts Council (CAC) and the Arizona Commission on the Arts (ACA) took each other on to be the first state arts agency to reach 10,000 friends. Perhaps it was the World Series fervor in the air, but the DCCAH decided to field its own team and enjoin the Facebook battle declaring "we've stepped to both states and declared 'WAR.'"

The numbers confronting the DCCAH in this race to 10,000 are formidable. California has a population of 37 million over an area of 164,000 square miles and currently 5564 friends (as of October 18.) Arizona's population is 6.3 million over an area of 114,000 square miles with 5479 friends to date. While DC comes in with only 600,000 people and 68 square miles, it can boast 5373 friends to date.

The National Endowment for the Arts, seeking to promote the arts across the nation, is stepping forward with its own take on the challenge and offering a prize to the first of the competitors to reach 10,000. The winner will receive a week's worth of features on the NEA's Facebook page (9239 friends to date).

You can join in the race to the top by visiting the CACACA or DCCAH Facebook pages and "liking" your favorite contestant.


Victoria Hutter