Public Affairs

(202) 682-5570
(202) 682-5611
Name Title Phone Email
Donald Walter Director of Strategic Communications and Public Affairs 682-5606
Carolyn Coons Staff Assistant TBD
Media Relations
Name Title Phone Email
Victoria Hutter Assistant Director - Press 682-5692
Elizabeth Auclair Public Affairs Specialist 682-5744
Allison Hill Public Affairs Specialist 682-5037
Publications/Social Media
Name Title Phone Email
Don Ball Assistant Director - Publications 682-5750
Carlos Arrien Web Specialist 682-5776
Paulette Beete Social Media Manager 682-5601
David Low Web Manager 682-5794
Jo Reed Media Producer 682-5705
Kelli Rogowski Public Affairs Specialist 682-5008
Rebecca Sutton Writer/Editor 682-5542
Clifton Archuleta Audiovisual Production Specialist 682-5604