Visual Arts Division

Design/Media Arts/Museums/Visual Arts
(202) 682-5452
(202) 682-5721/5063
Name Title Phone Email
Jax Deluca Media Arts Director 682-5742
Jen Hughes Design and Creative Placemaking Director 682-5547
Wendy Clark Director of Museums, Visual Arts, and Indemnity 682-5555
Emma Bartley Assistant Grants Management Specialist 682-5630
Xavier Boudreaux Assistant Grants Management Specialist 682-5786
Katherine Bray-Simons Our Town Specialist 682-5499
Meg Brennan Visual Arts Specialist 682-5703
Sarah Burford Media Arts Specialist 682-5591
Avril Claytor Media Arts Specialist 682-5028
Daniel Hoffman Assistant Indemnity Administrator 682-5070
Laska Hurley Administrative Assistant 682-5763
Toniqua Lindsay Museums Specialist 682-5529
Patricia Loiko Indemnity Administrator 682-5541
Sarah Metz Division Coordinator 682-5511
Tamika Shingler Museums and Visual Arts Specialist 682-5577
Courtney Spearman Design Specialist 682-5603