Documentation Requirements For Grantees on the Cost Reimbursement Certification Method

Under the cost reimbursement certification method of funding, your organization is not required to submit detailed documentation of expenditures for each payment request. You are, however, required to maintain the appropriate documentation on file in the event that the NEA requests it at a later date. Each request for reimbursement must also be co signed by appropriate officials who have reviewed all the documentation supporting the expenditures included on the payment request and determined that they are allowable under the terms and conditions of the grant and meet the request for reimbursement requirements of the NEA.

The NEA assumes that you are continuing your efforts to correct or resolve the financial conditions, which necessitated your organization being placed initially on Cost Reimbursement and subsequently on the Certification Format for requesting funds. Although the maintenance and retention of documentation as prescribed in the OMB Circulars/2 CFR and the guidelines for Cost Reimbursement should be followed for all current and future grant projects, the NEA anticipates your organization's eventual return to normal payment request procedures. Therefore, we strongly urge you to notify the Office of Inspector General when you feel that all remaining recommendations of the Audit Report have been satisfied, including the improvement of your financial condition.

Following this directive is a “Statement of Certification” which must be completed and submitted with each Request for Advance or Reimbursement (Payment Request) form. If this form is not completed in its entirety, signed by the appropriate officials, and returned with the reimbursement request form, your request will not be honored.

If you have any questions about this procedure, please contact either the Grants Office at (202) 682 5403 or the Office of Inspector General at (202) 682 5402.

Rev. 4/08

GRANTEE: __________________________________________________________

Statement of Certification for Grantees Previously on Cost Reimbursement

The following statement should accompany each reimbursement request submitted by a grantee that has been placed on the Certification Format of payment.

I certify that all costs included on the attached Request for Advance or Reimbursement form for NEA Grant Number _______________________, dated _____________, inclusive of nonfederal matching costs, have been incurred and paid and are for expenses consistent with the purposes of this award. In addition, I certify that I have reviewed all documentation and found that the documentation is accurate, that it complies with NEA guidelines for grantees on Cost Reimbursement and that it will remain on file for a period of three years following the submission of the relevant Financial Status Report to the NEA.

Executive Director: __________________________   

Date: _____________


Controller or Chief Fiscal Administrator: ______________________________   

Date: ____________