2014 NEA National Heritage Fellowships Concert

2014 NEA National Heritage Fellowships Concert at George Washington University's Lisner Auditorium on September 19, 2014. Photos by Michael G. Stewart


On a stage, a large group of men dressed in white and black form two lines facing a group of women, also dressed in white and black, who stand in two lines with their backs to the audience.

2014 National Heritage Fellows the Singing and Praying Bands of Maryland and Delaware.


Two men stand in front of a display of various-sized baskets. The older man holds a large woven  basket.

Concert emcee Nick Spitzer interviews 2014 National Heritage Fellow Mohawk basketmaker Henry Arquette.


A man in a cowboy hat plays the guitar and sings with a band behind him, including musicians playing a keyboard, guitar, drums, saxophones and trumpets.

2014 National Heritage Fellow Tejano musician and singer Manuel "Cowboy" Donley.


Three women in bightly-colored embroidered clothing stand on stage with a man in a suit. One woman gestures toward a colorful flowered headdress another woman is wearing.

Concert emcee Nick Spitzer interviews 2014 National Heritage Fellow Vera Nakonechny about her work as a Ukrainian textile artist.


Two men wrap an older man in a large quilt.

2014 National Heritage Fellow Rufus White's grandsons  present him with a star quilt, traditionally given in honoring ceremonies.


A man in traditional Native American costume and his hair in braids, dances with brightly colored intertwined hoops attached to his legs and arms.

1990 National Heritage Fellow Kevin Locke performs a hoop dance while 2014 Heritage Fellow Rufus White sings and drums.


A man and woman standing onstage beside four black-and-white quilts depicting scenes with African-American women.

Concert emcee Nick Spitzer interviews National Heritage Fellow Carolyn Mazloomi, quilter and founder of the Women of Color Quilter's Netork.


A man in black pants and a black vest stands between two women dressed in black pants and patterned tops. He holds their arms in the air

2014 National Heritage Fellow Irish dancer Kevin Doyle performs with his daughter and sister.


A woman in a leaf-patterned brown top holds up a small round box decorated with leaves woven out of quills.

2014 National Heritage Fellow quillworker Yvonne Walker Keshick.


Two men, one in a black suit one in a tan suit, play electric guitars, standing in front of another plan playing the drums.

2014 National Heritage Fellows the Holmes Brothers: (l-r) Wendell Holmes, Popsy Dixon, and Sherman Holmes.


Ten men and women stand onstage, waving and looking out at the audience.

The 2014 National Heritage Fellows celebrate during the concert finale.


A man and woman dance while another man sings and plays the guitar.

2014 National Heritage Fellows Wendell Holmes, Vera Nakonechny, and Kevin Doyle celebrate during the concert finale.