An Audio Interview with Abbas Raza of 3 QUARKS DAILY

It isn't every website that would receive kudos from the likes of science intellectuals Steven Pinker, Richard Dawkins, and John Allen Paulos and noted artists like Michael Chabon, Robert Pinsky, and David Byrne. But 3 Quarks Daily, or 3QD, is just such a site. These scientists and artists not only peruse the site on a regular basis, they share the content (our first encounter with 3QD was through Byrne's site, where he linked to this).

3QD is technically an innovative filter blog, meaning a blog that aggregates select articles, essays, and videos from a wide array of fields and sources. In addition to producing original content, the site editors curate the material so it features a healthy dose of the arts and the sciences in addition to politics and some gossip. In other words, 3QD mines the web for smart, insightful, and creative pieces so you don’t have to. With a background in electrical engineering and computer science, 3QD’s self-described jack-of-all trades founding editor, Abbas Raza, fell in love with language and philosophy. This passion for knowledge inspired Raza, with the help of two close friends, to develop 3 Quarks Daily, a forum that celebrates the interplay of the arts and the sciences.

Abbas Raza offered to chat with me all the way from his home in Brixen, a small town in the Italian Alps near the border of Austria. Here he is on art, science, and 3 Quarks Daily.


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Abbas Raza with headphones and speaking into a microphone.

Abbas Raza. Photo by Klaus Ramoser