Podcast on Wormfarm

The Wormfarm Institute in Sauk County, Wisconsin, is rural creative placemaking at its best. It's a 40-acre organic vegetable farm and creative hub, begun 15 years ago by two artists (Jay Salinas and his partner Donna Neuwirth). While the two Chicago-born and bred artists had a lot to learn about farming, they brought with them a deep appreciation of culture in all its forms and a real curiosity about their new community. Wormfarm aims to recreate the link that once existed between culture and agriculture with innovative and intuitive projects that center around a sense of the land and the community. In this conversation with the NEA's Josephine Reed, Wormfarm co-founder, Jay Salinas talks about Wormfarm and its projects.


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A farm scene with chickens in the foreground and a large barn with a silo in the background.



Jay Salinas

Jay Salinas, co-founder of Wormfarm


Young woman in overalls in a field with cows.

Resident Artist with cows


Mobile vegetable stand with wood paneling and carved sign reading Home Grown.

Roadside Culture Stand by Homer Daehn


Mobile vegetable stand with siding panels and painted sign reading Home Grown.

Roadside Culture Stand by Peter Flanary


Gallery visitors behind a net-like twine sculture with gourd hangings.

Woolen Mill Gallery Exhibit Bailing Twine


Image of a lucious garden with a large gourd sculpture.

Wormfarm garden with gourd


Young man sitting at a desk busy at work in a barn, a large open door shows the field beyond.

Wormfarm Resident Artist at work


A street parade showing a large red locomotive irregularly shaped & built from scrap materials.

Reedikulus Puppet Festival tractor. Artist Chris Lutter