NEA Arts & Livability Indicators

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Resident Attachment to Community

Indicator Lowest
geographic level
C1 Capacity for homeownership Census tract
C2 Length of residence Census tract
C3 Proportion of housing units owner-occupied Census tract
C4 Proportion of housing units occupied Census tract
C5 Election turnout rate County
C6 Household outflow County
C7 Civic engagement establishments per 1,000 population ZIP code

Quality of Life

Indicator Lowest
geographic level
Q1 Median commute time County
Q2 Retail and service establishments per 1,000 population ZIP code
Q3 Violent crime rate County
Q4 Property crime rate County
Q5 Percent of residential addresses not collecting mail County
Q6 Net migration County

Arts and Cultural Activity

Indicator Lowest
geographic level
AC1 Median earnings of residents employed in arts-and-entertainment-related establishments Census tract
AC2 Proportion of employees working in arts-and-entertainment-related establishments County
AC3 Relative payroll of arts-and-entertainment-related establishments Census tract
AC4 Arts, culture, and humanities nonprofits per 1,000 population Census tract
AC5 Arts-and-entertainment-related establishments per 1,000 population ZIP code

Economic Conditions

Indicator Lowest
geographic level
E1 Median home purchase loan amounts Census tract
E2 Median household income Census tract
E3 Active business addresses Census tract
E4 Unemployment rate Census tract
E5 Income diversity Census tract