Update for Furloughed NEA Employees

At this time, Congress and the White House have not agreed on additional funding for the government. Paychecks scheduled for Monday, January 14, will not be received. Below is information for NEA employees:

1) Please monitor the Office of Personnel Management's furlough site for updates, including the recently issued guidance at the following link:


2) You may apply for unemployment benefits by calling the dedicated federal line at (877) 319-7346. NEA's SF-8 is located here. You may need pay information which can be obtained through your NFC Employee Personal Page (EPP). See attached link regarding password resets during the shutdown:


3) You may be eligible for a general purpose loan though the Thrift Savings Plan. Please go to www.tsp.gov for more information.

4) If you or your family members need counseling support during this period of uncertainty, counselors are available 24/7 through the NEA EAP provider (http://www.foh4you.com/ or 1-800-222-0364).

We are available at (202) 682-5534 or at eilersa@arts.gov if you have additional questions or need help. We all look forward to returning to our mission soon.

Thank you for your service.