Jimmy Heath on jazz vs. popular music

Now, a Jazz Moment...

MUSIC: "The Picture of Heath" CD: Nice People, Riverside OJCCD-6006-2 (cut 3)

Jimmy Heath: Jazz has never been easy. It's never been the favorite music of the world. (:06)

NEA Jazz Master Jimmy Heath.

Jimmy Heath: Popular music is usually a little more simplified and jazz is
complicated. And one of the problems is if the public was more educated, musically,
they would understand it, if they heard it when they were kids. See, what you
hear or see is what you like. And they don't see or hear enough of it to pay
it any attention. You know, it sounds like a bunch of notes and a bunch of
guys practicing.

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This Jazz Moment with saxophonist Jimmy Heath was produced by the National Endowment for the Arts.

Jimmy Heath on jazz vs. popular music