The National Endowment for the Arts is an independent federal agency that funds, promotes, and strengthens the creative capacity of our communities by providing all Americans with diverse opportunities for arts participation.

National Initiatives

The NEA works with other federal agencies, state and local governments, state and regional arts agencies, and private nonprofits on national initiatives. Below are some featured initiatives.

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NEA Arts Magazine

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“Art is always visionary. Art always disturbs present realities, however satisfactory they may seem to the rest of the world.” —Visual artist Ben Shahn While it may be true that...


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Pianist and 2019 NEA Jazz Master


United States of Arts
People from across the country share their stories about how the arts are important to them.

Videos highlighting some of the important artists and organizations that the NEA has supported over the years, and the impact they have made on U.S. culture.

NEA Timeline
Highlights from the history of the NEA.