chairman chu holds an award plaque
Washington, DC —The arts matter to individuals, to communities, and contributed to making the National Endowment for the Arts the best place to work among small agencies of the federal government. According to the 2016 Best Places to Work in the Federal Government survey...
A young boy sits in the front of a computer with other students working on computers in the background.
Washington, DC —For its first major grant funding round of fiscal year 2017, the National Endowment for the Arts announced more than $30 million will be awarded to nonprofit organizations and individuals across the country for grants in the areas of Art Works, Art Works:...
embroidered outline of female brain
Washington, DC – The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) announces the first projects funded through a new program, NEA Research Labs. The cross-sector projects supported through the program investigate how the arts contribute to positive outcomes for individuals and...


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NEA Arts 2016 no. 4 Cover
Actors, singers, authors, painters, dancers—when it comes to the arts, it’s central characters such as these who get the lion’s share of the spotlight. But truth be told, these figures...


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