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He Played in Peoria

Washington, DC

Rocco Landesman spent Friday, November 6, with Kathy Chitwood of Eastlight Theatre and Suzette Boulais of ArtsPartners of Central Illinois as well as Peoria artists, arts administrators, civic leaders, and other citizens. It was a full day with a comprehensive schedule of events: a walking tour of the Warehouse District; roundtable discussions with artists, civic leaders, and developers; visits to artists' studios; Q&As with the Peoria arts community; a taping of "At Issue" on Peoria's WTVP; and an evening performance of Eastlight Theatre's production of Rent.

Kathy Chitwood of Eastlight Theatre, NEA Chairman Rocco Landesman, and Suzette Boulais of ArtsPartners of Central Illinois. Photo by Adam Gerik

Over the next few posts we'll share with you what Rocco Landesman did in Peoria and highlight some of the extraordinary arts that are taking place there.

First off: Rocco spoke with NEA's Josephine Reed and shared his reflections on Peoria. [11:10] [transcript]


Rocco Landesman backstage at the Eastlight Theatre with the cast of Rent after the performance. Photo by Adam Gerik

And please listen to our podcast about how "art works" in Peoria, with Pat Sullivan, Developer, Suzette Boulais, Executive Director of ArtsPartners, Kathy Chitwood, Executive Director of Eastlight Theater; and City Councilman Ryan Spain, also hosted by Josephine Reed. [31:13] [transcript]


Stay tuned.

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