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NEA Podcast: The World of Merce Cunningham

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An excerpt from Split/Sides, a 2003 piece by choreographer Merce Cunningham, courtesy of Merce Cunningham Dance Company.

It's far from hyperbole to say that the late Merce Cunningham completely changed the face of modern dance. In this week's NEA Podcast dancer/choreographer Elizabeth Streb, dance historian Suzanne Carbonneau, and Merce Cunningham Dance Company Executive Director Trevor Carlson discuss the tremendous impact made by the trailblazing choreographer.

Here's a brief audio clip of Elizabeth Streb talking about Merce's unusual relationship with music. [1:56]

Visit the NEA's multimedia library to listen to the full podcast.

Stay tuned for next week's Art Works podcast: a conversation with performing arts hyphenate Rita Moreno.

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