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Rocco on the Road

Washington, DC

Rocco?s been in New York City this week listening in on a session of the Mayors? Institute on City Design (MICD).  He spoke briefly at Wednesday?s opening reception before introducing Deputy Mayor Patti Harris, who?s been a driving force?as Rocco put it---in putting ?the arts and smart design at the center of making New York City a more sustainable, more livable city.? The Chairman also announced the appointment of Jason Schupbach as NEA Design Director, and used the 52nd Street Project, where the reception was being held, as an example of the kind of project he?d like the NEA to support through Our Town grants:

It?s a mixed-income housing development that has three theaters at the heart of it, made possible by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and its Department of Housing Preservation and Development . . . What the city recognized with this project was that it could create much needed rehearsal and performance space for three theaters, and at the same time, enliven a housing development and bring new and different foot traffic to Tenth Avenue. As people come for meetings, rehearsals, and performances, they need to buy gum, newspapers, and lunch. It?s a win-win, and the sort of thing that we are hoping to encourage more of with Our Town.

Want to learn more about MICD? Check out the program website, and take a look at our previous Art Works posts on MICD here and here.

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