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Washington, DC

How does one share the stories of the numerous Native American tribes throughout North America, all of whom have different languages, different cultures, and different environments? That is the crux of the dilemma the Native American Public Telecommunications (NATP) organization faces on a daily basis. Charged with sharing the stories of Native American people through radio and television, it's a matter of finding the stories and determining how best to tell them.

Shirley Sneve, NATP executive director, in this week's Art Works podcast tells how sometimes it's difficult to even get Native Americans to tell the stories in the first place. [1:36]

A member of the Latoka tribe, Sneve talks about the importance of preserving Native languages, creating opportunities for Native-American media producers, and some of the projects and programs NATP supports (like Native Radio Theater), among other topics---so listen to the entire podcast.

Stay tuned for next week's Art Works podcast with Arena Stage's Molly Smith...


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