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Art Talk with Gabriel Ayala

Washington, DC

Gabriel Ayala, at work. Photo by Marty Haviik.

As noted on his website, "Gabriel Ayala is at the forefront of a new generation of Native Americans making a career performing classical music." Ayala is deeply passionate about music and, in particular, the classical guitar. He's invested in all kinds of musical genres, so much so that he's managed to invent a new style, something he calls, Jazzmenco---a fusion of jazz and the classical Spanish guitar that accompanies Flamenco. His dedication to the art of making music has earned him a lot of praise over the years, including high marks from the former Governor of Arizona herself, Janet Napolitano, now Director of Homeland Security.

In this piece, you'll not only hear Ayala discuss his work and why he makes art, but you'll else get to hear his performance of "Fantasia Original" by Jose Vinas, a contemporary of Frederic Chopin. 


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