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Art Works Podcast: Nic Muni

The innovative and prolific opera director Nic Muni takes center stage in this week's podcast. Muni has served as artistic director for the Tulsa Opera and the Cincinnati Opera. As a freelance stage director, he has directed over 200 productions with companies in North America, Europe, and Australia. In fact, this past season, he scored a critical hit in Boston with his staging of the little-known opera Cardillac by Paul Hindemith. But that’s Muni’s MO: he’s known for rethinking the standard repertoire or bringing accessible, new, or less familiar works to the stage. According to Muni, opera must stretch beyond its traditional productions if it is to remain a vibrant art form. He certainly understands the challenges facing companies, but Muni is also convinced that opera has “the greatest potential of the classical art forms” to reach audiences in the 21st century.


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