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Holiday Wishes with Ford's Theatre

With the holiday season in full swing, we're understandably in a festive mood. And who better to celebrate with than the cast and crew of Ford's Theatre's A Christmas Carol? They generously shared their holiday wishes with us, which we're now sharing with you. For our own wish, we hope all our readers have a warm and wonderful season!

Felicia Curry ("Doll Vendor/Ghost of Christmas Past/Ghost of Christmas Future") 

This holiday season, I wishand I know this is going to sound cliché (and yes, my pageant roots are making an appearance)for peace on Earth and for us all to continue to strive for goodwill toward all. Being part of this incredible production of A Christmas Carol reminds me that we all must open our hearts and treat each other like we are fellow passengers on this journey called life. My wish is that this sentiment stays with us all well past the holiday season.

Cole Edelstein ("Turkey Boy/Ignorance/Boy Scrooge")  

Right now, I am really enjoying being in A Christmas Carol with my friends. It is an amazing experience for me and I’m sure the show inspires many people. Currently, I find myself juggling shows, school, dance, and voice lessons. What I’m looking forward to during the holiday season is a break from school and classes. Winter break is a great time to wind down and focus on what I love. I can spend time with family and friends. I picture snowball fights, steaming hot chocolate, and playing outside until dark. This is rejuvenating and fun for me. Hanukah is here, and I’m looking forward to parties with cousins. This isn’t exactly a normal winter break for mein a good way! I also get to satisfy my love of performing by the privilege of continuing through the season with the amazing actors and crew of A Christmas Carol!

Eli Schulman ("Turkey Boy/Ignorance/Boy Scrooge") 

My wish for the holiday season is that A Christmas Carol would never end! I love being part of such a great show that is a Washington, DC, tradition. Everyone always leaves the performance really happy and in the holiday spirit. I look forward to the holiday season every year because it's such a fun time with all the decorations and celebrations. I enjoy choosing presentsand of course I like getting presents too! I don't have anything in particular on my wish list though. I like to be surprised! Another thing I enjoy about the holiday season is how generous and kind everyone is to each other. I wish everyone could keep their holiday spirit throughout the whole year!

Edward Gero ("Ebenezer Scrooge") 

I’m wishing for a quiet Christmas Eve of singing carols at home. A quiet Christmas morning in PJs with tea, and sharing a few gifts with family. Then, taking in a film in late morning before an intimate afternoon with family and friends on Christmas Day. Oh, did I say a peaceful two days of quiet and rest with loved ones before getting back into A Christmas Carol at Ford's Theatre? ☺

Melissa Kimball (Company Manager)

My holiday wish… Hopefully two solid days of rest and a night driving around the neighborhoods of DC enjoying all of the light displays.

Emme Hall (Costume Manager/Design Assistant)

For Christmas I wish for a nice pair of scissors, the ability to tailor velvet, and better brakes, a bigger turbocharger, and a roll bar for my Mazdaspeed Miata.

Mark Size (Head Flyman)

This is my seventh season with Ford’s Theatre. We are in our sixth year of this production of A Christmas Carol, and each time we load this set into the theater I am grateful that we have such a great group of people that make this run so smoothly. Most of the same faces return to the theatre to help with the setup and run of the show. We have become a family and I look forward to working and sharing the holiday season with them. We have a lot of laughs and I look forward to the treats and gifts that we share together.

Rick Hammerly ("Mr. Fezziwig") 

I wish for… universal recognition of the value of theater, more theater- and arts-lovers venturing to DC's Anacostia Arts Center, the new John Lahr biography, Tennessee Williams: Mad Pilgrimage of the Flesh, the opportunity to see Here Lies Love before it closes at the Public Theatre, living wages for theater artists (thought I'd just try to sneak this one in), another chance to see John Cameron Mitchell in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World (Criterion Collection) on Blu-ray, the opportunity to see Charo onstage before she gets too old to "cuchi," increased funding opportunities for DC theater (including Factory 449). "Oh...and world peace." (Gracie Hart, Miss Congeniality).

Helen Hedman ("Mrs. Dilber/Mres. Fezziwig/Mother at Doll Stand") 

Every year our acting company picks a local charity and we collect after every show, men’s top hats in hand. I am always humbled by those who give, from tykes with dollars in their fists to adults who give generously and never ask for a receipt! We pick a day and go between shows to help out, maybe serve meals. This year we went to Thrive DC and made it in time for Game Day, where we played several boisterous rounds of hangman, sang, served dinner, and sat and talked with the women, cleaned up, and got back in time for the evening show. I think about those women and our conversations (from the food to family to that nice dentist) and I think my wish would be for every theater (and theater-goer!) to do some volunteering like this year-round, not just during the holidays.      

Harrison Wright ("Tiny Tim")

What I would like for Christmas is a bike, a scooter, some spy toys, Trash Packs, and crystals.

Catalina Laje ("Tiny Tim")

I wish for a cure for Ebola. And for all of the sick people to get better.

Anne Stone ("Fruit Vendor/Ghost of Christmas Present")

Celebrating Christmas with my extended family is a highlight of my year. Ten days before Christmas 28 years ago, my younger brother and his wife, Jim and Tracy, bought a B&B, The Inn at Mitchell House, outside Chestertown, Maryland, on the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay. That first year we all rallied round to help spruce up the rooms and do whatever chores were necessary. We have been celebrating Christmas there ever since. It’s a little bit of Currier & Ives and Hallmarkespecially if it snows! Blazing fires, long walks, wonderful fellowship, games, and puzzles. Early on, every night a different couple would prepare a dinner. Good plan turned bad: too much competition and too many tears. So nowTracy does all the cooking and the rest of us are her sous chefs and cleanup crew. It’s a wonderful holiday!

Stephen F. Schmidt ("Clock Vendor") 

"I don't know anything. I'm quite a baby. Never mind. I don't care. I'd rather be a baby!" –Scrooge in A Christmas Carol

Scrooge's reaction to his new appreciation of Christmas reminds me that Christmas and A Christmas Carol has always been about children. Each year as November approaches, I look forward to rehearsing ACC with our young cast, some returning and some new to our production. Their perspective on our story is vital to the success of ACC. As our director, Michael Baron, told us all early on, "The children are the heart of ACC." I also think that our young company members help our younger audiences find their way into our holiday journey. I hope that all of us will enjoy the holidays with the same innocent joy that children always bring to Christmas and to A Christmas Carol. As Tiny Tim observed, "God bless us, every one!"

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