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Notable Quotable: Jacqueline Lawton on the work of the artist

"I think of art work as social activism. I live as an artist in the world to tell the stories of people who live on the margins. Our work as artists is to evoke emotion and inspire thought, whether it's a direct call to action or simply seeing the person next to you who you might have ignored before because they are so different from you." -- Jacqueline Lawton

Read the complete interview with Jacqueline Lawton here.


Jacqueline, I could not agree with you more. I believe art is healing and very revealing. I teach the poor how to repurpose trash into art. It helps them earn a living and to become environmental stewards. I am organizing an art exhibition that might be of interest to you. It is titled Between Here & No Where: The Journey to Belong. The participating artists are homeless art students (Miami has over 3000 homeless students), homeless artists and artists who use their art to raise awareness about homelessness/statelessness. Here is an article I wrote about the upcoming exhibition would be honored if you would consider participating so together we can tell the stories of the marginalized and our brothers and sisters living on the fringes.
Warm regards and much respect,
Tina Cornely, Founder & CEO of Bridging Humanity

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