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Matching Lines with Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson's poems may tend to seem small in stature but oh how exquisitely she packs an entire world in each line and an entire journey in each poem. You may think you know what the poem will be about from its first line but often the poem's last line lands you in a new place entirely. In honor of the Belle of Amherst's birthday, we have a mix and match quiz for you. We've given you the first lines so you can match them with their last lines. Happy matching!


1. “’Hope’ is the thing with feathers –"

2. “Behind Me – dips Eternity –"

3. “The only news I know”

4. “If I can stop one Heart from breaking"

5. “Much Madness is divinest Sense –"

6. “I’m Nobody! Who are you?”

7. “I had no time to Hate –"

8. “A Bird, came down the Walk –"


A. “I’ll tell it You –"

B. “Leap, plashless as they swim.”

C. “And handled with a Chain –"

D. “It asked a crumb – of me.”

E. “Be large enough for Me –"

F. “And Maelstrom – in the Sky”

G. “To an admiring Bog!”

H. “I shall not live in vain.”

Answer Key

1 = D  (Poem #314)

2 = F  (Poem #743)

3 = A (Poem #820)

4 = H  (Poem #982)

5 = C (Poem #620)

6 = G  (Poem #260)

7 = E  (Poem #763)

8 = B (Poem #359)


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