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Notable Quotable: Emil Kang on creativity and dreaming big

"I'm a big believer that creativity doesn't happen in isolation, that it happens when two or more groups or people or parties have open and trusting conversations. The seeds of many ideas that we come up with here happen over dinner, over a meal, where we're talking with a pianist or a director or a choreographer and we're imagining the future. I'm also a big believer in this idea of dream as big as you possibly can. That's where you should start, always. Imagine what the greatest possibility is, then try and come up with a plan to achieve it. I always throw out these crazy thoughts to artists and from those crazy ideas, even if it's one out of a hundred [that succeeds], I think that's a great success rate." -- Emil Kang, Executive Director for the Arts, UNC Chapel Hill

Read the complete interview with National Council on the Arts member Emil Kang here


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