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Notable Quotable: Marcus Gardley on why we need art

"Somehow art gets at the soul of who we are as a people. It transcends race, class, and gender. It transcends sexual orientation. It transcends history. It transcends war. It, for me, is the only thing that truly is eternal. Histories get rewritten and changed. They get buried. But art, for some reason, manages to remain untainted." -- Marcus Gardley

Read the complete interview with playwright Marcus Gardley here



Great art sheds light on the real, its fiction is 'truer' than the reality it references. The particular work is experienced as a universal by virtue of its particularity, which is unlike any other universal in which form alone may claim universality. In great art our experience of the work, in all its particularity, enables us to experience what does not exist in the work, the essence of that which is portrayed.Arun 

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