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Summertime + the Living's Easy

Meteorologically speaking we're still weeks away from summer. But if you're like us, once June hits it's summer because prom. And graduation. And weddings galore. And have we mentioned tourists? So even as we button up our sweaters against the overeager air conditioning and wait for the mercury to inch upward, we've decided to officially kick off summer on our Pinterest board. Above and below are just a few images that have us in a summery state of mind. Click over to the NEA Pinterest page for more! 

Bucolic painting of a lake and small white, red-roofed houses against a mountain backdrop

"Summer Evening at the Lago Maggiore," 1845, Salomon Corrodi, National Gallery of Art collecgtion

Yarn art piece featuring a carnival scene including kids, ferris wheel, hot air balloon, merry-go-round, rollercoaster, and circus tent

"Carnival," 1992, Linda Nez, Smithsonian Museum of American Art

Impressionistic pastoral landscape with green and yellow fields, blue and yellow sky with a dark figure in the distance and a single tall tree

"A Summer Landscape," 1883, George Seurat, National Gallery of Art

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