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Notable Quotable: Why the Arts Matter, Summer Edition

That back-to-school energy boost--that seems to happen whether or not you're actually going back to school--is just around the corner. We're still, however, in the thick of the dog days of summer when we need a little extra inspiration to propel us to the studio, the writing desk, the barre. Luckily, we, or rather, some of the artists and creatives we've spoken with recently, can help with that. For your vision board, your inspiration wall, your Pinterest page, here are several more reasons why we can't help but heart the arts.

“The arts matter because they help us see who we really are.” –- Amy Sherald, visual artist  

“What a drab life it would be without the arts! The arts touch upon the area in people’s lives that nurtures inspiration, hope, and understanding and builds a strong connection to our past. The opportunity to experience a work of art and explore the artist’s intention and technique opens conversations and minds.” –- Laura Moore, The Grace Museum 

“No matter what language we speak at home, no matter how different we might look from our peers, or how different our traditions might be from others, it’s the arts that allow us to embrace and celebrate those things that make us special. They give us the means to tell our story, while at the same time allowing us to listen more closely to the stories of others.” –- NEA Chair Jane Chu

“The arts matter because in content or context, the creator and/or participant are given opportunities for unplanned intersections of parallels.” –- Cynthia Weitzel, Anderson Center

“I know that artists have a lot to offer any variety of fields, and it's my hope is that in the future we will be considered assets to other industries for our ability to see through walls.” –- Zackary Drucker, multi-disciplinary artist 

“The arts matter because they're central to our humanity. They help define the best parts of who we are as human beings.” – Michael Barrett, Moab Music Festival  

“[The arts] capture the human experience. We as human beings, continue to be amazed. We continue to marvel at the wonder of what art can create. I think it can influence our daily lives. It can make us happy when we're sad. It can cheer us up when we're going through challenges in our lives. It's such a part of everyday life.” –- Sunny Sumter, DC Jazz Festival

“The arts matter because God uses artists like prophets—to heal the world.” –- Renée Elise Goldsberry, theater artist

“Music and visual art are oftentimes the only ways that oppressed people find a means to express their humanity and be heard. Jazz and hip-hop are two musical genres that provided that means of expression for African Americans but later became musical forms that represent our country in the world.” –- Jennifer Deering, University of Central Arkansas

“The arts matter because they are the vital piece of what makes us human.” –- Tetia Lee, Tippecanoe Arts Federation

“The arts matter because they shape how we see the world.” –- Phil Klay, writer

“The arts matter because creativity is what keeps us moving forward.” –- Michele Kotler, Community-Word Project  

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