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Photo album from 2016 NEA National Heritage Fellowships Concert

Was your weekend filled with blue feathers, ship building, and a Laotian Khaen performance? Ours sure was! On Friday, September 30, 2016 the NEA celebrated the 2016 National Heritage Fellows at a concert at Lisner auditorium at George Washington University in Washington, DC. From basketweaving to learning about the traditions of the Tlingit culture, we honored nine fellows from across the nation who showcased their dedication to folk and traditional arts. Enjoy a few of these moments caught at the concert and be sure to check out the full album on our Facebook page.

Miss the concert? You can watch a video of the full concert in our archives

Four band members playing various instruments wearing traditional Mexican attire.

2016 NEA National Heritage Fellow Artemio Posadas performing with band. Photo: Tom Pich

Honoree wearing elaborate custom with feathers and sequins. He is standing with emcee and talking.

2016 NEA National Heritage Fellow Joseph Pierre "Big Chief Monk" Boudreaux with emcee Dan Sheehy. Photo: Tom Pich

Three fellows sitting together on stage with instruments in their hands and playing music.

From far left to right: 1999 NEA National Heritage Fellow Mick Moloney, 1994 NEA National Heritage Fellow Liz Carroll, and 2016 NEA National Heritage Fellow Billy McComiskey perfoming traditional Irish music. Photo: Tom Pich

The fellow is playing a instrument while his translator stands next to him singing.

2016 NEA National Heritage Fellow Bounxeung Synanonh playing the Laotian Khaen. His translator Sunny (far left) joins his musical performance by singing a traditional song. Photo: Tom Pich

Fellow is standing while holding a flute.

2016 NEA National Heritage Fellow Bryan Akipa explaining the meaning behind the flute in his hand. Photo: Tom Pich

Four women on stage standing with heavy traditional attire.

Traditional Tlingit ceremony performance by 2016 NEA National Heritage Fellow Clarissa Rizal. Photo: Tom Pich

The fellow is sitting down with a basket in her hand and she is talking to the emcee.

2016 NEA National Heritage Fellow Leona Waddell showing the art of basketmaking. Photo: Tom Pich

Two men on stage with shipbuilding materials in their hands while the fellow stands over them to explain what they are doing.

2016 NEA National Heritage Fellow Michael Vlahovich explaining how to repair and build ships with two of his apprentices. Photo: Tom Pich

Fellow sitting down and holding a basketmaking tool in her hand.

2016 NEA National Heritage Fellow Theresa Secord. Photo: Tom Pich

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