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Quiz Bowl: NEA Big Read Edition

No one loves a pop quiz, it’s true, but we encourage you to think of this collection of NEA Big Read quizzes more as a we-encourage-you-to-open-the-book test. So go ahead—test your knowledge of first lines, fictional woman characters, and things that Big Read authors may or may not have said. No number two pencil required. (Click on the name of the quiz to take it.)

Matching Lines with Emily Dickinson: How well do you know the Belle of Amherst’s poems? Match these first lines to their last lines to find out. 

True or False: A Big Read Quiz: Guess which quotes were truly said (or written) by our selected authors, and which ones not so much. 

Can You Guess the Fictional Woman From Her Quote?: Guess which woman said what (and in which novel). This quiz doubles as inspiration for your Halloween costume. You're welcome.

Guess the Big Read Title From the Emoji: Don’t get too emoji-nal if this quiz stumps you (see what we did there). It’s all in good fun! 

What Do You Know About Poe? Can you ace this quiz about one of our favorite masters of mystery, or quoth the Raven “Nevermore” about your chances? 

Can You Guess the Book by Its Last Line? Not all of our NEA Big Read protagonists live happily ever after, but we’re betting that these novels have pretty memorable last lines nonetheless. 

Interested in bringing NEA Big Read to your community? We're accepting applications for 2017-2018 programming through January 26, 2017. More information here


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