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Join the NEA at the National Book Festival!

Writers can inspire their readers not only through their work but also by talking about their creative perspective and process. We look forward to listening in on a series of such conversations on the NEA Prose and Poetry Stage at the 2017 Library of Congress National Book Festival on Saturday, September 2. The free festival will take place from 10am-7:30pm at the Washington Convention Center.

Here’s a sneak peek at a few of the writers and NEA Literature Fellows taking the NEA stage during the festival, where we'll also feature Poetry Out Loud champs reciting their winning poems and chatting about their experiences with the competition. Find the complete schedule of what's happening on the NEA stage here. Follow us at @NEAarts and #NatBookFest for Twitter coverage throughout the festival.

Designed graphic The great poetry I love holds the mystery of being alive. It holds it in a kind of basket of words that feels inevitable. Marie Howe

Designed graphic quote I try to create characters, with character, to help improve my own character, and maybe the character of the person who might read me. - Ernest Gaines

Designed quote All the most lasting fiction is about one thing: how we go on. Some writers tackle this in the context of war or poverty or tyranny; I tackle it through the intimate world of the family. Julia Glass

Designed quote People constantly alter their own sense of reality in order to endure…Of course, sometimes the result is mean and destructive. I’m more interested in the ones who find the strange + seek passage thru it to something beautiful. - Brad Watson

Some of the deepest things we have in our that soft, soul-like heart that beats and dreams + feels. That’s where the poetry is… I’m calling everybody’s heart. Juan Felipe Herrera

For more from Ernest Gaines, check out our short film A Conversation with Ernest Gaines. And don't miss our podcast interview with former U.S. Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera.


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