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N is for Nancy: A Talk with the Hosts of WNYC's LGBTQ Podcast

This is a story about Nancy—the podcast, not the person. That’s a line used to describe the newest show from WNYC Studios about all things LGBTQ hosted by Kathy Tu and Tobin Low. From opposite ends of California, the two met for the first time about four years ago at the Transom Story Workshop on Cape Cod, or as Tobin puts it, “radio bootcamp.” [Sidenote: The NEA proudly supports the award-winning website, an invaluable resource for audio producers around the globe.] After falling in love with audio storytelling, Tu and Low hatched a plan to craft a rich, story-driven show about the gay experience. In 2015, the two successfully pitched their concept to a WNYC podcast accelerator/competition and they won. The result is Nancy, a poignant and often very funny podcast. Their rapport is, dare I say, electric, and the topics run the gamut from fun interviews with gay artists like Rufus Wainwright (who tells a memorable tale about a wild encounter with the formidable actress Bea Arthur) to a serious conversation between two HIV+ men, David and Dominique, who were born decades apart and share how important it is to keep telling their story. In this piece, we learn how Nancy was born and get to hear some touching and funny excerpts from the show. 


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