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Welcome Spring with a Bouquet of Poems

Do you have a favorite poem for welcoming spring? Let us know on our Facebook page or in the comments. (Click on the title of each poem to read the full text.) 

text of Amy Lowell poem with photo of lilacs

"You flaunted the fragrance of your blossoms/ Through the wide doors of Customs Houses/ You, and sandal-wood, and tea,/ Charging the noses of quill-driving clerks...." -- "Lilacs," Amy Lowell

lines from Marianne Moore poem with photo of rosebushes in bloom

"But rose, if you are biriliant, it/ is not because your petals are the without-which-nothing of pre-eminence..." -- "Roses Only," Marianne Moore

lines from Stanley Plumly's Wildflower with photo of wildflowers

"And when they had died stubborn/ as paper I put them on pages and named them again..." -- "Wildflower," Stanley Plumly

lines of poetry from Ada Limon over a photo of tree branches in leaf

"... the leaves come. Patient, plodding, a green skin/ growing over whatever winter did to us..." -- "Instructions on Not Giving Up," Ada Limón

lines from William Wordsworth with photo of daffodils

"I wandered lonely as a Cloud/ That floats on high o'er Vales and Hills,/ When all at once I saw a crowd,/ A host of golden Daffodils..." -- "[I wandered lonely as a Cloud]," William Wordsworth

lines from "Iris" by David St. John with a photo of an iris flower

"Close above the iris, I see the train// Drive deep into the damp heart of the stem..." -- "Iris," David. St John


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