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NEA Arts Magazine is Now American Artscape!

 "Altogether, this collaborative system has helped shape a nation where every American—in every state, in every region, across the entire nation—can celebrate and benefit from the arts." — National Endowment for the Arts Chair Mary Anne Carter (from intro to new issue)

We've freshened up the name of the National Endowment for the Arts magazine to American Artscape, but we promise we're still focused on spotlighting exceptional arts projects, arts organizations, and arts and cultural leaders from around the U.S. In the latest issue, get to know the regional arts organizations, all six of which bring their own local flavor to the table when it comes to supporting the arts in the U.S. Also, hear from Pam Breaux of the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies on why the state and jurisdictional arts agencies are great examples of public investment in the arts sector. Browse the issue here


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