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Are you an artist? We at the NEA like to think everyone has the potential to be creative, so we developed this little quiz to see where your areas of creative interests are, and let you see what some of the artists working in those fields have to say about their art form. Take our test! &...
Can't enough of Lin-Manuel Miranda? Listen to part one and part two of our podcast with him where he talks about life B.H. and A.H.* *"Before Hamilton " and "After Hamilton "
NEA Director of Folk and Traditional Arts Cliff Murphy shares his thoughts on the folk arts field.
Celebrate Fourth of July with klezmer music, Irish fiddling, and go-go tunes at the 2016 Smithsonian Folklife Festival!
The Anderson Center opens its doors as the first and only Deaf artist residency in the United States.
Even though it’s been more than a decade, Grethe Barrett Holby vividly recalls reading Walter Dean Myers with her son. Myers, an award-winning, middle-grade author known for his gritty urban realism, often wrote about basketball, including in his novels Hoops and Slam. “I was blown away by the fact...
Take a detour from the Pacific Coast Highway and stop by one of these Blue Star museums to see what they have to offer!
When she was younger, filmmaker, photographer, and performance artist Zackary Drucker promised herself that she “would never be bored as an adult.” As a result, neither are her audiences. Through her work, Drucker confronts gender norms, sexuality, the body, and her own experience as a trans woman...
Choral Director Sandi Hammond talks about creating the Butterfly Music Transgender Chorus as a safe place for transgender singers to find their voices--literally and figuratively.
Take a trip to the museum--with a book!


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