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This year, in honor of the NEA's 50th anniversary, Poetry Out Loud gave state champions the opportunity to showcase their creative writing skills. State champions were invited to submit their own written or spoken word poems, which were judged separately from Wednesday's recitation contest by...
We're celebrating Ahkei Togun--the 2016 Poetry Out Loud National Champion!
For a while in the mid-90s, I shared a house with a group of strangers who rapidly became friends. We lived in a Queen Anne-style oddity in the Dupont Circle area of Washington. A couple of years out of college, I worked most days at a nearby nonprofit called TV-Free America (“TVFA”), whose mission...
Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Ayad Akhtar talks about finding his subject as a writer and the English teacher who changed his life.
Elizabeth Acevedo on the power of poems to live in the body.
See how Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library hosted a Big Read program this last year that called attention to their Ethiopian community.
Sony Pictures Chairman and new NEA National Council on the Arts member Tom Rothman talks about the importance of diversity and why he feels lucky to work in motion pictures.
This time next week nine talented teens will be counting down the hours until they compete recitation by recitation to see who emerges as the 2016 Poetry Out Loud Champion. For 2015 champ Maeva Ordaz her win came down to perseverance, determination, and three stellar recitations. Here she is...
Why memorize poetry? This collection of current and former state poet laureates have a few good reasons.
As we celebrate Shakespeare's birthday, Jonno Roberts talks about why he likes performing Shakespearean roles, the most important acting advice he ever received, and what makes his life in the arts worthwhile.


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