Open Data at the National Endowment for the Arts

The Arts Endowment provides public access to data and analyses about the arts and cultural sector, in addition to data  and analyses about the agency’s own operations.  

For access to a growing repository of arts and cultural datasets, documentation, analytical tools, and related literature, please visit the agency’s National Archive of Data on Arts & Culture. In addition, the Arts Endowment maintains a series of “Arts Data Profiles,” with data tables, research briefs, interactive data visualizations, and other resources to educate the public about arts-related datasets. Finally, NEA Research publications often link to public data sources containing arts variables.

For access to knowledge about the agency’s administrative data holdings, please see our comprehensive (JSON-formatted) inventory of datasets at the Arts Endowment.

The NEA’s Chief Data Officer chairs a Data Governance Board (DGB), with representatives across the agency. The DGB meets quarterly to review and coordinate data management for the NEA.

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More Information
Chief Data Officer: Sunil Iyengar